OOPS Mystery Bag Stickers (Waterproof Matte)


These are mystery B-grade sticker bags with random 5 anime stickers in one pack. Anime stickers may include any characters from my shop. These stickers can go anywhere from your laptop, switch, folders, and waterbottle! These are non-refundable.

Imperfections may include:

✨ Miscuts

✨ wrong colors / wrong laminate (glossy instead of matte)

✨Incorrect sizes

✨Tearing / Stain / Ink Bleed

Product Information

✨ Waterproof Matte Sticker

✨ Hand drawn digitally and printed on weatherproof matte inkjet paper, then laminated with matte / glossy laminate

✨ Sticker is cut by Silhouette

✨These oops bags are non-refundable

✨ Most are 2.5 inches by average, but contact me for specific measurements Shipping


Note: Colors may look different from what it looks like on screen.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any anime / manga characters

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